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Membership of the Academy


We would like to take the opportunity of inviting you to join the Academy community.

Established since 2012, the time feels right to welcome more parchment craft enthusiasts to become part of the academy. Therefore, we are pleased to be able to introduce you to what for us is a whole new concept. That is, the opportunity to be part of our thriving traditional parchment craft community and to share all that it has to offer without the expectation of undertaking either the ‘Friends’ or the ‘Tutor’ examination courses.


The Academy is honoured to now have welcomed Martha Ospina and her husband Tiemen Venema as its patrons and also to have many well-known designers as honorary members who continue to generously provide designs. 


The Academy community now stretches across many countries of the world and lovers of traditional parchment craft are welcomed

We are sure that if you love parchment craft, you will enjoy being part of the Academy.

  • You will be invited onto a private Facebook group which is titled ‘AIPT Tuition’.

There you will find access to demonstration videos of different techniques with help and assistance readily available to you should you require it.

  • You will also receive a monthly newsletter. 

  • You will also receive challenge designs by well know established designers when these are available. In addition you will receive a membership badge and a card bearing your name and membership number, (NB a payment for postal costs will need to be made by any overseas applicants)

  • There is a one off extra payment to start with to cover postal costs of the membership card and badge. You will not have to pay anything for the items themselves. Postal costs in the UK are £1.55, in Europe £3.25 and to the rest of the world £4.20.


Membership will be available from April 1st 2022 with enrolment commencing from March. There will be an annual subscription of £10. 

You will find our contact details on the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website. Please note that payment by Paypal will require an additional £3 to cover fees incurred

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