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Friend of the Academy Course

This is a supplement course that is part of the Academy of the Independent Parchment Craft Tutors.

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The course is a learning module you will be known as a Friend of the Academy; and have access to the members only Facebook pages.

Patterns will be provided with full instruction and a coloured example.

We have well known designers create these designs, including:-Roselyn Rivierre, Susan Moran, Julie Roces & Christine Coleman  

There is no stipulations on what brand of tools to use.


Course work 

Designs will be sent via email and you will receive: 7 Designs/Patterns, Coloured completed examples,  & full instructions.  

Presentation will be taken into account when assessing your work.

Techniques that will be covered will be general parchment techniques.

  • Tracing by pencil or ink, when using pencil make sure the pencil marks are erased  

  • Embossing using several size ball tools

  • Colouring: Dorso crayons/pencils, bendable pencils and felt tips  

  • Perforations :stippling with single needle 2 needle perforated edge, semi circle

  • A lace border edge using parchment scissors.

  • Deciding to add a colour inserts can be tricky you need a shade that really shows your work off in the best light.  

  • We need to be able to see all of your work back and front whenever possible.

  • Sewing in an insert is a nice touch.

Once your work has been assessed and has shown a good understanding of all the techniques, we will email a certificate of Achievement to you.  

Your Friend badge will be sent to you with your completed designs.

You will be added to the Academy facebook page where there are web videos on techniques.  You will also have the opportunity to work at the Academy exhibitions and invited to any of the workshops.

Assessing your work

We will take care of your work while it's in our hands. The process can take around 2 weeks . If you are not sure on any part of the course then please get in touch or scan in your work and send it to us so we can offer you help while you are working on a particular design , if you want us to just confirm it’s looking okay before you post it off then please do.

Your work will be sent back in the same packaging if possible to save on costs.

How much will it cost?

 £35 Payment to be made on completion of the Application form. This does not include ANY postage costs. You will be responsible for the costs of posting your work both ways.   Make sure your work is well protected and in clear plastic sleeves and supported with card. Postage stamps to be sent with return address label and envelope.

Where do I send my work /payment?

Payment can be made 2 ways either by cheque or by PayPal.  

When using PayPal please choose to pay via the pay friends and family option otherwise there will be a charge of £3.00 . email: for the PayPal payment. Cheque to be made out to the" Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors". 

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